Family Office


StrategiQ Family Office is a premier multi-family office, managing the affairs of multiple wealthy families. Our approach entails holistic and personalised portfolio management services, the creation of a family mission statement, investment architecture tailored to each family’s needs, ongoing review of investment strategies, portfolio aggregation and reporting services and oversight of third party managers. We integrate disciplined risk assessment and portfolio risk management throughout the process.

We serve many types of high net worth individuals, ranging from business owners, entrepreneurs and other creators of first-generation wealth.

Family Office Services

We help you develop an integrated long-term wealth plan that considers multiple aspects of your life.

  • Developing an Investment Plan
  • Defining your legacy
  • Preparing the Next Generation
  • Tax & Estate-Planning Opportunities
  • Property Advisory
  • Structuring and Protecting Assets
  • Concentrated Holding Strategies
  • Accessing Hedge Funds and Private Equity
  • Corporate Finance
  • Philanthropy and impact investing

We work with you and your family to form an appropriate strategy based on three principles of governance.

  • Investment Governance
  • Operational Governance
  • Family Governance
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Our Purpose

A family office acts as a private management team to wealthy families, with a dedicated team of professional advisers who oversee clients’ complete financial affairs.

An investment committee is established comprising of 3-5 members (family members, outside advisors & investment professionals). The committee meets on a semi-annual basis with actionable agendas circulated in advance, formalising the management process.

A family mission statement or policy statement provides a framework for the family to “buy into” the investment strategy. The Investment Committee has numerous responsibilities including asset allocation, fund manager selection and the review of overall investment performance.

Our Team and Network

We combine our clients with a network of highly skilled and complementary partners, including proven global investment managers, tax specialists, accountants and legal experts.

Investment Committee

A team of industry experts in their respective fields (Investments, Legal, Accounting, Regulatory & other) meet on a quarterly basis to discuss opportunities and trends that may need to be addressed by the respective family houses.


  • Holistic portfolio view with advice provided with a complete understanding of all the family assets and liabilities
  • Benefits of combined purchasing power, allowing for reduced fees and costs
  • More control and confidence in decision-making
  • Access to institutional investment opportunities
  • Services are provided to the entire high net-worth family
  • Truly “independent advice”
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