Asset Management


We believe asset allocation is a primary determinant of long-term investment performance. As a framework for constructing your portfolio, we use a range of asset allocation strategies that have been determined by our Asset Allocation Committee. We will then fine-tune your allocation to meet your exact requirements before selecting the investments held within each asset class.

We ensure that your portfolio always reflects our core views and remains on target to meet your personal objectives. Our managers are supported by our dedicated team of research analysts who conduct formal company due diligence’s and monitoring of assets, to ensure that all portfolios are invested across what we believe is the best range of investment opportunities including equities, listed property, preference shares, bonds, alternative assets and cash-like instruments.

Managed Portfolios

The StrategiQ Managed Portfolios are constructed in accordance with our Investment Philosophy and Process.

Investors will have direct ownership of JSE listed equities, globally listed equities, real estate holdings, preference loan stock, and government bonds within the investment guidelines of each specific mandate.

Every investor has a unique set of aims, objectives and circumstances. We will always begin by working with your financial adviser to identify a set of achievable investment goals that take into account your investment time horizon, your attitude to investment risk and the investment returns you require. Thereafter, creating a personalised managed account solution that best meets your investment needs.

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Multi-Manager Solutions

Independent Investment Solutions (Pty) Limited (“i2“) is an multi-asset investment solutions provider to independent financial advisors (IFA’s) as well as certain tied financial advisory firms.

I2 provides a range of independently structured wrap fund investment solutions that are made available to appropriately licenced Category 1 and Category 2 advisers, by providing access to the solutions via a wide range of the largest Linked Investment Service Provider platforms in South Africa.

The i2 range of structured wrap fund investment solutions are tailor-made to address specific client investment needs. The i2 range of solutions is constructed by a professional independent investment committee who is tasked with the selection and ongoing review of the specific underlying funds, thus continually ensuring that the correct blend of unit trust funds is combined to achieve the desired risk adjusted returns.

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StrategiQ Advisory

We have accumulated extensive experience advising clients in alternative investments ranging from Hedge Funds, Private Equity and direct property investments.

We have also assisted clients with independent corporate finance advice at every stage of the corporate cycle from acquisitions, capital raisings to disposals.

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